How Attractive Is Your Coupon Campaign?

Given that online shoppers are offered a new promotion every second, the only way for online stores to grab their attention is to give them a really attractive offer that they can’t just skim over. Making sure your coupon campaign is attractive is the only way to survive in the ever-so-competitive e-commerce ecosystem. Do you think your brand’s coupon campaign is attractive? Let’s put it to the test and find out the top tips for creating an attractive coupon campaign.

Why Is It Crucial to Create an Attractive Coupon Campaign?

You might think that bombarding your customers with coupon codes is the way to boost sales and improve your brand recognition. However, the e-commerce ecosystem today is so competitive that customers see a cascade of new offers wherever they go. That’s why you have to make sure that the coupons you offer are really attractive and attention grabbing. If you want to attract new customers, reward your existing customers, improve your brand recognition or boost sales, your first step should be to create a well-grounded and truly attractive coupon campaign because that’s the only way you can survive in the competitive e-commerce ecosystem.

How to Create an Attractive Coupon Campaign

Follow these steps to make sure that your coupon campaign is attention grabbing and too attractive to miss:

  1. Develop a strategy based on your customer base

The priority of an online shopper is to get a good bargain and save money while shopping. However, if you think that they will jump at any offer they see online, you’re wrong. Grabbing the attention of a customer and offering them a truly attractive promotion requires you to set your targets based on a thorough analysis of your customer base.

If your aim is to attract new customers, for instance, you have to assume they know nothing about your brand and the quality of your products. You need to first grab their attention to encourage them to take a closer look at your platform. Your next step should be to provide an attractive offer on your home page.

Now, this method will obviously not work with your loyal customers. Your loyal customers will need a different approach to keep their attention going, which requires a detailed analysis of your customer base. This analysis should be based on data including age, priority, buying power, spending history, etc. That way, you’ll be able to come up with customer-specific offers that will grab the attention of your loyal customers and make them feel special.

  1. Offer discounts on more expensive products

You need to take into account that not all of your potential and existing customers will have the buying power to afford more expensive products you offer. Every customer has one of those items they keep an eye on although they will never consider buying it. You can turn it into an advantage, though. This is a great opportunity to grab the attention of a customer by offering an attractive coupon or discount on high-end and more expensive products. Most customers will still be unlikely to purchase the item, but the offer will get their attention to have a look at your other products and buy something they can afford. 

  1. Let everyone know about the perks of being a loyal customer

If you have a membership or loyalty program, you should definitely let everyone know about the perks of becoming a loyal customer, including any special offers and coupons. Why? When you manage to grab the attention of a potential customer and convince them to buy from your website, having some info on the perks of becoming a loyal customer will encourage them to become one. A customer who sees that your brand rewards loyalty will be more likely to choose your platform for their next purchase. So, if you have loyalty-based perks like money-back schemes, free shipping and special coupon codes, you should share that information with everyone, not just your loyal customers.

  1. Use time to your advantage

When a customer sees an online shopping offer, what fuels them is the fear of missing it. You can use this fear to your advantage. When you have a new coupon, make sure to emphasize that this is a limited-time offer. Putting an expiration date on your offer or using a countdown will create a sense of urgency and encourage your customer to make a quick decision.

  1. Deploy user-friendly design

Make sure that your coupon code and website in general have a user-friendly design that will make it easier for your customers to read and obtain information. A user-friendly and reliable design approach will also boost trust in your brand.

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