Why Do We Keep Buying Things We’ll Never Wear?

That feeling when you stand in front of your wardrobe and find absolutely nothing to wear. Sounds familiar? Our wardrobes are full of clothes that we never touch let alone wear. But, why? No worries, there is, of course, a scientific explanation for this bizarre human behavior.

We Ignore the Flaws

The reason why we somehow manage to buy clothes we never wear is that we don’t see the flaws of the product when we are shopping. Let’s say you come across a dress on discount while strolling through an expensive store. You like the design, but the color isn’t that great. You end up buying the dress. Why? Because getting a deal on a normally expensive brand makes you happy. When you go home, you’ll probably put the dress in your wardrobe and never touch it again or you’ll keep thinking “I’ll wear it one day for a special occasion”, but that day will never come. The thing is, the color of the dress probably put you off, but you ignored it at the store.

We Shop for The Person We Long to Become 

Another reason why we have wardrobes full of things we never wear is that we have misconceptions about our style and taste. It might sound weird at first. You might be thinking, “Why would I not know about my style?”, but it’s not that simple. When we are shopping, we think about the person we want to become in the future or in an ideal world. We try to imagine what others will think about you when they see you wearing the clothes you buy. 

We might even find ourselves buying clothes for a scenario that is nothing like our lifestyle. For example, we find ourselves buying outdoor gear as if we are out camping every day. We can’t help buying fancy clothes as if we are running from this gala to that premier. 

Some of us even buy clothes that are one or two sizes small, hoping or imagining that we will lose some weight in the future. And, when we come home, we don’t even think about returning them because somehow the idea of going on a diet and fitting into that dress makes more sense!

We Find Them Too Precious to Wear

This might raise some eyebrows, but here it is. Some people love their clothes so much that they don’t wear them, fearing that they will get worn out. This is quite common especially with fragile articles of clothing like a silk blouse or a cotton white trench coat that can get dirty real quick. The person who owns the fragile item of clothing is so scared of getting it dirty or damaging it that they end up never wearing it. Some people get so attached to their clothes that they save them for a special occasion. Some will buy another one of the same item of clothing, so that they can have a substitute if they end up damaging it. Really, it is much more common than you would think. 

We Often Don’t Shop with A Sound Mind

This is something most people will identify with because we all tend to buy stuff when we feel upset to cheer ourselves up. Shopping when we are sad is common because it gives us instant gratification, so it makes us feel much better, at least for a while. Getting a little tipsy and ending up losing ourselves in a bit of an online shopping spree is also something that most of us are guilty of. 

What’s the Solution?

We all make mistakes, don’t we? Our wardrobes are full of clothes we forgot long ago. Fear not, there are ways to avoid spending too much money on your collection of untouched clothes.

  • First of all, if you don’t want a wardrobe full of clothes you don’t wear, get in the habit of comparing the clothes you are planning on buying with the ones you already have. Ask yourself the following question: “Do I already have something similar?” Also, try to catch yourself in the act when you are about to shop for fantasy. “Is it likely that I’ll have an occasion to wear this” must be the question Don’t be afraid of asking yourself tough questions before you sell your soul to discounts and promotions.


  • Alright, you took the advice, but it didn’t keep you from feeling guilty for buying what you bought. That’s okay, you can still return it before it’s too late. Let’s be honest, most of us actually are aware of the mistake we have made before we even come back home from the store. But, we feel shy away from returning the product, mostly because we don’t want to accept defeat. It is a way of trying to convince ourselves that it wasn’t a mistake.

If we manage to keep the scientific explanations for our behaviors in mind and get into the habit of thinking twice before we buy something, we can get rid of the mess that we call our wardrobes!

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Timothyone year ago
In my opinion, there are a variety of reasons why people may buy things they never wear. One reason could be that people may be impulsive shoppers and make purchases without fully considering whether or not they will actually use the item. Additionally, people may feel pressure to keep up with fashion trends or societal expectations, leading them to buy items that they may not actually like or need. Additionally, people may also feel a sense of pleasure or satisfaction from the act of shopping itself, regardless of whether or not they will use the item they are purchasing.