Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Palo Alto | United States

Job Description

We are looking for a lovely and smiley team member who is going to provide Once Coupon A Time with the strategic support that it needs on its journey to America. If you think you are up for it, have a look at the job description and get in touch.

Authorities and Responsibilities

  • You will be fully in charge of the content development team.

  • You and your team will brainstorm to come up with new solutions that will maximize the user experience and you will decide on the road maps to realize those solutions.

  • You will be in close contact with our representatives in other countries and learn from previous mistakes and achievements so that you can create future plans in your own region.

  • You will keep in touch with our business partners so that we can achieve better outcomes.

  • You will observe the dynamics of the industry in your region and combine your insights with your creativity to support our department of product development.

  • You will represent Once Coupon A Time America in events and meetings.


  • You have at least 3 years of experience in the internet industry.

  • You are passionate about keeping up with the latest technological advances.

  • You have experience in team management and executed negotiations.

  • You are confident enough to use the data you have and make the best decision in difficult situations.

  • You are mature enough to pursue the road that will take you to the solution despite hurdles and failure.

  • You are humble enough to hear and value the opinions of your colleagues.