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Old Navy Promo Codes | October 2019


Old Navy Outlet Coupon Code for 20% Off

Old Navy is the go-to retailer for American families when it comes to essentials like sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans and overall casual wear. If you are after an extra deal on Old Navy essentials, listen up. You can get 20% off your next Old Navy outlet purchase by signing up for emails. Plus, email subscription will keep you notified about the best exclusive Old Navy deals and new arrivals. Sign up for emails now and get your promo code for a 20% discount on outlet purchases!

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Discover the Old Navy deals to enjoy shopping for autumn

Since its foundation in 1994, Old Navy has been striving to “make American fashion essentials accessible for every family”. Starting off in the United States, it now operates more than 1000 stores around the globe. As one of the largest clothing brands in the world, Old Navy combines quality fashion and accessible shopping experience through its online shopping platform and its stores located all around the United States. Adopting the philosophy that great style and high-quality is not exclusive to the rich, Old Navy is one of the most popular clothing brands Americans enjoy wearing every day.

Family Approach to Apparel

Old Navy cherishes families and aims to provide the best apparel for the whole family. When you visit Old Navy stores or its online shopping platform, you are guaranteed to find the cutest and most comfortable items in the kids-baby department as well as the coziest pajamas for the parents. Offering the best possible casual wear collections, Old Navy has a wide range of must-haves for your family wardrobe like sweaters, jeans, t-shirts and many more items that you just can’t live without. Knowing that you will get the best out of your trip to the nearest Old Navy store, shopping for clothes is about having fun. You can even find some matching family outfits for those cozy family nights where you all cuddle up on the couch. 

Accessible and Inclusive Shopping Experience

In addition to a great store experience for everyone, Old Navy has an online shopping platform that makes fashion even more accessible. If you are trying to get more exercise, you can find the gear you need in the active wear collections. Getting ready for a family vacation? You can choose from the colorful swimwear collection. You can enjoy this variety from the comfort of your own living room and get your items delivered to your door. You can pick up our items at the store, as well. Providing its customers with a myriad of Old Navy promo codes that they can use to buy apparel at lower prices is part of Old Navy’s endeavor to make fashion more accessible. You can get great deals for the whole family by shopping online on oldnavy.gap.com. 

Adopting an inclusive approach to apparel, Old Navy offers plus-size clothing so that everyone can enjoy a high-quality and affordable fashion experience. You can find a wide range of plus-size dresses, shirts, leggings and many more essentials that you need in your wardrobe. 

How to Use Promo Codes at Old Navy

Old Navy has special offers for its customers so that they can get an even better deal when shopping online. Customers can use special Old Navy coupons to get a discount or free shipping for their online purchases. There are several types of promotions that you can use on oldnavy.gap.com. You will see coded promotions where you enter a code at the checkout to benefit from a discount. There are also category promotions which will get you a discount for a specific product category. Category promotions don’t require you to enter a code. 

In order to benefit from coded promotions, you need to find a valid Old Navy Coupon code that you can use for your items. After reading the requirements and the terms of use to make sure that your cart is eligible for the coupon code, you can enter it at the checkout. There are two types of coded promotions that you can use: unique codes and generic codes. Unique codes are offered via email, postal service or in person. Generic codes are promotions that you can receive via email, in stores, on the website or on Old Navy’s social media platforms. If you want to save as much as possible when you are shopping online, make sure to follow Old Navy’s social media platforms.