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Airbnb Coupon Codes | May 2024


$35 Discount Coupon for Accommodation Near Lake Tahoe

Thinking about a peaceful break from the city where you can finally admire the beauty of nature? Lake Tahoe is your year-round destination. Enjoy the turquoise-tinted scenery and go for a trail to admire nature. Airbnb offers a wide range of accommodation options near Lake Tahoe that you can choose from. You can find anything from a tiny lake house for a cozy vacation to an Airbnb Luxe home where you can have the ultimate weekend getaway. Use this coupon for an extra discount on your stay near Lake Tahoe!

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$35 Discount Coupon for Accommodation Near Pocono Mountains

If you are planning a vacation near Pocono Mountains for a lovely getaway in nature, Airbnb offers great accommodation options. You can find a cabin by a waterfall or a luxe chalet with a private swimming pool. The options are endless. Once you figure out your accommodation, you can enjoy the beauties of Pocono Mountains through outdoor activities like kayaking, forest therapy and horseback riding. Whether you are travelling with family or for work, you can use this coupon to get a $35 discount on your Airbnb accommodation

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$35 Discount Near Yosemite National Park, California

Looking for accommodation in Yosemite National Park where you can enjoy the beautiful nature in California? You can choose from hundreds of Airbnb accommodation options. From king suites to Studio condos, Airbnb offers just the right accommodation for you and your family. If you want to get $35 off your accommodation near Yosemite National Park, you can use this coupon. Once the accommodation is all done, you can enjoy activities in the vicinity like goldmining, meeting llamas, yoga and trekking. Enjoy your stay near Yosemite National Park!

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Discover the Airbnb deals to enjoy shopping for Christmas 2023

As a platform that brings together hosts and travelers, Airbnb is a great solution for those trying to rent out a room or their entire apartment as well as for those looking for some home comfort while travelling. Most travelers prefer renting a room or an apartment in a local neighborhood as it allows them to experience local life instead of being trapped in a hotel full of tourists. It is also a lot cheaper to rent a room or an apartment, especially if you are travelling as a group. Therefore, it is not a surprise that Airbnb is preferred by travelers all around the world. 

What Airbnb Offers

 Airbnb offers a wide range of accommodation options so that you can find an apartment or a room that fits your budget and travel agenda. You can filter accommodation options by location, number of rooms, additional services, etc. 

Even though hotels are more expensive than hostels, what they have in common is that they both offer limited services. When you go on Airbnb and rent an apartment or a single room, the overall expenses are much lower. Besides, you can use Airbnb coupon codes to get an even better deal on accommodation. Renting an Airbnb apartment or room also allows you to wash your clothes and use the kitchen utensils that the host accommodates for you. Especially for those travelling with family or a group of friends, it saves a lot of money to have access to these facilities. Instead of eating out, you can cook up a meal with your family, go grocery shopping, use the fridge to store your local and fresh food, etc. It is a no-brainer that it’s much cheaper to eat this way, but it’s also a great way of getting to know the local culture. It adds a lot to your travelling experience.

Another bonus is that most rooms and apartments offered on Airbnb will probably be much larger than an average hotel room, which is great for those travelling with their kids. Sometimes, you have access to a couch in addition to the main beds, which is also a bonus. 

If you are visiting a city for a few months, you might want to find a fully furnished apartment with all the facilities that you need. You can now find a long-term apartment on Airbnb where you can find accommodation for monthly stays. This is a great solution for those who need to travel for a longer period of time due to work, studies etc. So, don’t forget to check out the sublet options.

Meet New People!

Meeting new people is a big part of travelling. And, it is a great opportunity to have a host who is also a local. They can give you some tips about transportation or what you should see in the city. If you rent one of the rooms in an apartment, you can even meet new travelers sharing the same apartment!

What is a Superhost?

When you are renting a room in someone’s house, you want to make sure that your host is reliable. Airbnb assures travelers by marking experienced hosts as “Superhosts”. Superhosts are experienced hosts who have provided an excellent service for their guests. You can identify superhosts by their badges which you can see on their profiles or you can directly search for superhosts by using the filter options in the search bar. 

Making a Reservation

  • If it’s your first time using Airbnb, don’t forget to use Airbnb Coupons that are available, which will get you an extra affordable travelling experience. 

  • When you are looking for apartments, keep in mind that some additional fees will be applied at the checkout such as “guest fee” “cleaning fee” etc. These fees will vary depending on the host and the apartment. 

  • Try to make a reservation as early as possible. If you are travelling during a busy season, you don’t want to leave making a reservation to the last minute.

  • Don’t forget that renting an apartment or a room on Airbnb will not always be cheaper than staying in a hotel. Prices will change depending on the season, location, dates, etc. Use the filter options on the search bar to find the most affordable accommodation possible. Airbnb will also keep you updated about the latest and most affordable offers that are available.