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Swiggy discount coupons | June 2024


Use This Code to Get 15% Off Your Swiggy Order!

Do you have a Swiggy order ready to go and would you like an extra 15% discount on your Swiggy order? Great! You can use this Swiggy promo code to get an extra 15% discount when you use ICICI Cards for your payment. You will get a 15% discount, up to Rs. 100 on orders above Rs. 500. The Swiggy offer is valid on every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, only between 7 pm and 10 pm. To check out all the offer details, head over to the Swiggy app and enjoy getting an extra 15% discount on your Swiggy order!

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Use Swiggy Code & Enjoy 20% Off Using Citi Bank Cards!

You can use this exclusive Swiggy discount code to land yourself an extra 20% off your Swiggy take away order when you use your Citi Bank Card to pay for your order! The Swiggy discount code will get you an extra 20% discount on orders above Rs. 600, which means you can save up to Rs. 200 on your Swiggy take away on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays! Head over to the Swiggy app to check out all coupon details and enjoy getting an extra 20% off and saving up to Rs. 200 off!

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Use Swiggy Code & Enjoy Up To 30% Off!

India's most popular food delivery application, Swiggy offers a host of deals and promotions so that you can get the food you need with the best prices. Check out the Swiggy app and use this special Swiggy coupon code to enjoy an up to 30% discount on your next food delivery order! The coupon code is applicable to select locations and restaurants, so make sure to check the coupon details before you decide to use it on your next order. Use this special Swiggy coupon code to enjoy up to 30% off your next order!


Use Code & Get 25% Off Swiggy Order with Federal Bank Debit Card!

Ready to place a new order on Swiggy? You can use this Swiggy coupon code to get an extra 25% off on your Swiggy order! The promotion is valid when you make your payment using a Federal Bank Debit Card on Swiggy orders of Rs. 400 and above! Once you use this Swiggy coupon code you will be eligible to save an extra 25% off, which means you will get up to Rs. 125 off your Swiggy orders above Rs. 400! Head over to the app to see all the promotion details and enjoy your extra savings on your Swiggy order when you make your payment using a Federal Bank Debit Card!

Discover the Swiggy deals to enjoy shopping for Christmas 2023

We are all busy working long hours and trying to tick off our never-ending to-do lists. So, it is only normal that we can’t always have the time to cook a healthy meal at home or bring our own lunch to the office. At times like this, ordering a meal is the best. That’s where Swiggy comes into play. All you need is to download the app and you will find hundreds of restaurants in your pocket, whenever and wherever you want to eat! 

Swiggy started off as a small start-up in 2014, and it shortly grew into a business that helps millions of Indians get the food they want. Swiggy is based on core values that put the customer first and the platform always strives for excellence, which means you will get a great customer experience from the moment you start looking for a restaurant on the app till you eat the meal you order. Swiggy offers all kinds of restaurants and price points. Whether it be McDonald’s or a healthy homestyle meal, you can find the meal you are craving for on Swiggy and it will be delivered to your home within minutes! You can also use a Swiggy offer code to get a good deal on your meal. What’s not to like?

Discover the World of Swiggy and Enjoy Your Favourite Meal

Swiggy isn’t merely a platform where you can order food. It offers a host of solutions for people who need to order food all the time. For instance, if you work in an office and need lunch delivered to your office every day, why should you bother ordering single meals every day? Swiggy has a meal subscription solution called Swiggy Daily. You can become part of a subscription program and schedule that fits your needs and enjoy getting homestyle and healthy food delivered to your door every day! You can skip or swap a mail, take the weekend off or pause your plan when you need to. It is also much more affordable, so you can eat your favourite meals without feeling guilty. Swiggy also offers two additional solutions called Swiggy Pop and Swiggy Super. Swiggy Super will get you extra perks like unlimited free delivery, free delights, no Surge Fee and more! Swiggy Pop is another solution that offers single serve meals, free delivery and no extra charges. When you use the normal Swiggy app to order, the delivery fee changes depending on the location and the restaurant. Some restaurants have a standard delivery fee while some have varying delivery fees according to your order. So, it is best to check before you order a meal. 

You can visit the website or go to the app to see all the locations you can use Swiggy. You will also access a list of restaurants in your area. If you are a foodie and love reading about food, you should also check out the Swiggy Blog. The blog offers new services by Swiggy as well as snackable articles about food and eating.

How to Get a Deal on Swiggy

That’s the million-dollar question. Who doesn’t love getting a discount on their meal? Luckily, it is very easy to get with Swiggy. You can get a referral coupon for your first order and help your friends get involved in the world of Swiggy! A referral coupon is granted after the referred person successfully completes their first successful transaction. Another way to save money on your Swiggy order is to get a Swiggy first order code and redeem it at checkout on your first Swiggy order. 

It is also a good idea to watch out for other offers that you can use on Swiggy. You can find all kinds of offers including a Swiggy discount code that you can use on your next order. If you would love to get extra perks on your Swiggy experience, you should check out Swiggy Super and Swiggy Pop, too. If you have any questions about the customer experience, return, cancellation and delivery policy, you can visit Swiggy.com or check out the get detailed information.