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Aliexpress Coupons | August 2020


Check the available discount coupons in AliExpress!

Don't miss out on the latest coupons for every existing category: phones, clothing, fashion accessories, home and garden, children's toys, cosmetics, sports, DIY tools, electronics, footwear and computers! Discounts can reach up to 35 USD for some articles! Choose the articles you are interested in by clicking on the subpage with them and enjoy the benefits you will gain from vouchers from AliExpress!

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Don't miss the best deals on your favourite cosmetic products on AliExpress!

The favourite portal of millions of shoppers all over the world AliExpress has just great offers for those who are always looking for the best and most affordable cosmetics and make-up accessories.  Right now you can get the best price by buying for example makeup brushes and sponges, nail products, face masks, electric toothbrushes, hair products, and many other cosmetics and accessories! Visit the AliExpress website and discover thousands of attractive discounts on all your favourite cosmetics!

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You can buy Nike Airmax cheaper at Aliexpress.

Rs. 1,077.75 for Nike Airmax, including free delivery - on Aliexpress! On the wish list of runners and city fashionistas. You want to join them - order your chosen colour, have a look at the models and don't wait too long. The sale is happening now! You can choose between models with red, orange and yellow details. And also black classics. For men and women. For training and for work. Would you like to know more about such offers ? subscribe to the Once Coupon a Time newsletter and no sale will pass you by!

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once upon a time in Aliexpress store, there were some epic deals...


Cupon Code 7$ for shopping at the Summer Sale in Aliexpress

the biggest summer sale in the aliexpress store has just been launched.  In addition to these promotions, if you want to pay $7 less, you can use this discount code.


Don't Miss These AliExpress Coupons & Fashion Summer Sale!

Head over to the Fashion Summer Sale on AliExpress now to enjoy up to 60% off and some amazing AliExpress coupons that will get you extra discounts on your favourite styles! This is the perfect opportunity for you to get ready for the summer sun with the best styles from your favourite brands! You can use these AliExpress coupons on everything from active wear and casual wear to underwear and smart dresses. Check out all eligible items and AliExpress coupons to enjoy your extra savings till June 21!


Save Up To 60% on Kitchen Essentials on AliExpress!

Here is an amazing AliExpress sale that will help you step up your cooking game with great savings on all the essentials you need! Head over to the exclusive AliExpress promotion page now to enjoy saving up to 60% on kitchen essentials including cooking utensils, knives, chopping boards, containers, peelers and much more! You can also check out all the AliExpress coupons that are available on exclusive brands and stores that will help you get extra savings on kitchen essentials that will help you get the best kitchen ever with savings of up to 60% off!


Save Up To 70% Off with These AliExpress Cleaning Deals!

If you are looking for a good deal that will get you great savings on your cleaning essentials, check out these exclusive AliExpress deals and coupons to enjoy getting up to 70% off! You can enjoy great savings on home electronics that will help you clean your home such as robot vacuums, wireless handheld vacuum cleaners and more! You can also check out these limited-time AliExpress coupons to save up to 70% on other cleaning essentials including microfiber floor mops. Head over to the campaign page and enjoy cleaning your house with savings of up to 70% off!


Avail Up To 50% Off Home Items on AliExpress!

If you are always on the lookout for the best deals and items that will help you improve your home, AliExpress is your best online shopping friend! You can find everything your home needs on AliExpress including furniture, home decor, lighting solutions, bedding & bath items, kitchen essentials and DIY tools with discounts up to 50% off! Head over to AliExpress now to get inspired by the home items and trendy styles that will help you brighten up your home and give some colour to your house! Enjoy your home savings on AliExpress!

Discover the Aliexpress deals to enjoy shopping for summer

A virtual window to the impressive Asian product market, AliExpress is a Chinese online shopping platform which also conquers the online shopping scene of many countries thanks to its wide product range and surprisingly low prices. Customers can buy directly from the manufacturers, without any middlemen involved, which significantly reduces prices and millions of customers in India are already enjoying the affordable shopping experience on AliExpress. When it comes to shopping on AliExpress, there are a few questions to be answered for all the newcomers out there: How to pay? What about customs duty? What if I get ripped off? Before your first purchase, it is worth to get acquainted with promotions and our easy "How to shop on AliExpress? Thanks to the coupons published on our website, you will enjoy a cheaper and safer shopping experience. Dresses and watches, blouses and belts, shoes and gadgets… All delivered to your door.

How to shop on AliExpress?

First, you need to register on – by e-mail or via Facebook, and then confirm your registration. Then, proceed as if you were shopping on other online shopping platforms – choose the goods, select the method of payment and give the address to which the package will be sent. Millions of Indian customers who are in love with AliExpress receive many parcels a week, declaring their satisfaction with the service. However, if you have any doubts – read more...

No duty & no VAT

Are you buying something for your own use and not for commercial use? Something cheaper than 45 euros? – Then your package is exempt from tax. As far as customs duties are concerned, there are free of charge parcels whose value does not exceed 150 euros. Transactions are safe because the money is transferred to the vendor only when you confirm its receipt. It is most convenient to pay by PayPal.

What to buy?

Electronics and clothes – especially dresses – are most popular. And watches! Parents will find toys and gadgets for children on, and game lovers will find the best video games ever!

It is also worthwhile to take a look at the sports and outdoor offers as well as tools and gadgets in the section dedicated to home and DIY. In other words – you will find everything on AliExpress! There are more and more goods and users, and with them there are more and more sales, promotions and special offers, such as AliExpress coupons to check on our website.

ALIEXPRESS Coupons – discover and use

Collect codes and shop cheaper! You've done this before? Well, then you're happy. Or maybe you don't know how to use the codes? How do you redeem a code? When? Right away or at the end of the deal? We know all about that and we'll tell you right away! We'll be your guide in the coupon world! Here we go!

AliExpress requires no introduction. The titan of e-commerce offers everything a person needs on his side. From shoes to wallpaper. What are you looking for today? Consumer electronics? Head over to and you’ll see a long bar so that you can type in the thing you are looking for. You can use it or browse in the categories on the left side of the page. Let’s say you are looking for a smartphone for a gift. First, you need to log in to your AliExpress account. Next, enter the name of the selected model in the field with grey text: "choose". You will be looking for Samsung Galaxy S8. Do you like this choice? We enter it together. Confirm your choice and you'll see possible sorting options. Sort by price, from the cheapest to the most expensive smartphone. Choose a product and put it in your shopping cart. Go down the page and find a command: "Apply AliExpress Coupons". We have two types of promotional codes. The first one offers a portal and you can see them right away on specific products. You can use them by clicking on a given product with a coupon description, which will reduce the price of the product when you add it to the shopping cart.  The second type of coupons you get for example for recommending the portal in the link on Facebook. These are individual coupons. Select the type of coupon that you have and enter the code. The discount will be applied automatically. Simple, right?