Coupons & Discount Codes | August 2020


Enjoy Flat ₹250 Off at Myntra with a Special Welcome Code!

Are you ready to discover the world of Myntra with a special welcome? You can use this Myntra coupon code to avail yourself to flat ₹250 off and free shipping on your first online Myntra order! All you need to do is to sign up and enjoy the best online shopping deals on everything from women's and men's fashion to home essentials. If you want to enjoy a superior online shopping experience with a warm welcome from Myntra, sign up to the platform and use this special coupon code to avail flat ₹250 off your first Mnytra order!

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Use Special Clovia Coupon & Get 10% Off!

The go-to online shopping platform for millions of Indian women who are looking for a more comfortable shopping experience when they are buying underwear and intimates, Clovia has a great offer in store for those who are always on the lookout for a special discount. You can use this special Clovia coupon code to avail a 10% discount on your Clovia purchase of ₹1499 and over! You can use this Clovia coupon code on pants, bras, activewear, lingerie, and much more! Head over to now to use our special coupon code and enjoy extra savings on hundreds of items!

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This AJIO Coupon Code Will Get You 30% Off Your First Purchase!

Committed to helping millions of Indians find their true sense of style, AJIO offers the brands and fashion essentials you need to reflect your unique style. Your go-to online shopping platform for Western styles as well as ethnic wear including everything from kurtis to salwars, AJIO offers a warm welcome discount so that you can enjoy the best of this unique online shopping experience! You can use this AJIO coupon code to enjoy a flat 30% off your first AJIO purchase! Head over to AJIO now to discover a world of fashion and special offers!

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Use This Code to Get 15% Off Your Swiggy Order!

Do you have a Swiggy order ready to go and would you like an extra 15% discount on your Swiggy order? Great! You can use this Swiggy promo code to get an extra 15% discount when you use ICICI Cards for your payment. You will get a 15% discount, up to Rs. 100 on orders above Rs. 500. The Swiggy offer is valid on every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, only between 7 pm and 10 pm. To check out all the offer details, head over to the Swiggy app and enjoy getting an extra 15% discount on your Swiggy order!

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Use Code & Enjoy 20% Off on the Clovia App!

Your go-to online shopping platform for everything female, Clovia has a great offer in store for you, so get ready to enjoy some great savings on your favourite Clovia items from panties to active wear essentials! This Clovia coupon code will get you a 20% discount on your first time purchase on the Clovia app! You can use the exclusive coupon code on everything including panties, night wear, lingerie, active wear, sanitary pads, Covid-19 essentials, bras and much more! Download the Clovia App now and enjoy your extra 20% off on your first time purchase on the Clovia app! 

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Use AJIO Coupon Code & Get Rs. 500 and Extra 30% Off!

This AJIO coupon code will get you Rs. 500 off and an extra 30% off your first online AJIO order! Head over to the website and become a member to use this special AJIO coupon code and enjoy extra savings on thousands of fashion styles for men, women and kids! The code is eligible on your favourite fashion brands including Teamspirit, DNMX, Anouk, HRX, Fusion, Avasha Mix N' Match, Fig, Rio and more. You can also use the AJIO coupon code to land Rs. 500 off and an extra 30% off top sports brands including Sneakers, Nike, Performax, Puma and more! Head over to the website now and use this exclusive new-bee AJIO coupon code to land amazing savings on your first online order!

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Use Swiggy Code & Enjoy 20% Off Using Citi Bank Cards!

You can use this exclusive Swiggy discount code to land yourself an extra 20% off your Swiggy take away order when you use your Citi Bank Card to pay for your order! The Swiggy discount code will get you an extra 20% discount on orders above Rs. 600, which means you can save up to Rs. 200 on your Swiggy take away on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays! Head over to the Swiggy app to check out all coupon details and enjoy getting an extra 20% off and saving up to Rs. 200 off!

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Use Limited-Time Myntra Code to Get Flat Rs. 500 Off!

You can use this special welcome code to avail a flat Rs. 500 off as well as free delivery on your first online Myntra order! Head over to the website and become a member to enjoy your flat Rs. 500 off your favourite fashion brands for men and women including Global Desi, Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, HRX, Puma, Vishudh, Levi's, United Colors of Benetton, Here & Now, Dressberry and much more! Hurry up and enjoy this limited-time offer when you use your welcome Myntra coupon code!

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Avail Flat Rs. 400 on Your First Order with Myntra Code!

If you are up for some extra savings on Myntra, head over to the website and become a member to enjoy a flat Rs. 400 off on your first Myntra code! All you need to do is to use this Myntra discount code on your first online order and enjoy Rs. 400 off and free delivery on your Myntra haul! You can use the Myntra discount code on hundreds of items from ethnic wear staples to Western wear essentials from top fashion brands including Nike, Libas, Vero Moda, Mango, Anouk, Dorothy Perkins and more!

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Use FirstCry Code & Avail Flat 35% Off Breastfeeding Essentials!

This FirstCry coupon code will land you amazing deals during Breastfeeding Week at FirstCry! Head over to the campaign page to see all eligible items and enjoy saving a flat 35% discount on your breastfeeding essentials! Eligible items include electronic breast pumps, breast pads, breast milk storage solutions, feeding pillows & covers, sterilizers, warmers, and more from top brands including Philips Avent, Babyhug, Mee Mee, Medela, Pigeon, Fab N Funky and more! Maximum savings of Rs. 1500 on eligible items for a limited period only.

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The words “discount code” and “coupon” are used alternately on oncecouponatime, often as synonyms. This assumption has its strengths and weaknesses. However, let’s not get stuck on words when the most important thing is the prices flying down and getting split in half. Wait till you combine several promotions, which is when the fun begins!

Discount codes and coupons are very clever tools used in modern marketing to help conscious consumers. They are used to create additional opportunities and exceptions that are applied on the price tag, which used to seem like a never-changing figure. That’s the way to bargain in the 21st century! At a time when online shopping is getting in the way of traditional shopping and becoming more and more popular, codes and coupons are getting as valuable as gold - $20, $30, $50 or $1000 off!

Codes and coupons in the palm of your hand… your smartphone!

A code always comes in handy. Even though they might look a bit intimidating at first... Don't be discouraged and look for a special code that tends to pop up at the end, just before you pay. You’ll see a magic box for you to enter a sequence of characters, then you’ll know what to do!

You don't have to print the coupons. Just save them on your mobile device and show them at checkout or during delivery. In such cases, a coupon or a code is just what you need. If you are not satisfied with it, read more...

What is the difference between codes and coupons?

A code, as the name suggests, can be a sequence of characters, such as numbers and letters. It’s something secret for you to type in and get savings. Whoever has a code has access to discounts. That’s why we most often hear about discount codes. A coupon is something more physical. One made of paper, maybe. Something that can be cut off or torn off because it has perforated lines around it. A coupon refers to some offer, attraction or opportunity, like a promotion or a discount coupon.

Myntra is known for its attractive coupon codes. A code is a keyword. If you have a code, then you have a dress or a pair of shoes. Codes are often used to get discounts on clothes, shoes, cosmetics and gadgets, which you can find on the pages of Douglas, Sizeer and Eobuwie.

In the culinary world, where McDonald’s, KFC, are leading the way, discount coupons, i.e. something that can be shown physically or on a smartphone at the checkout, are more popularly sought after. Once you get hold of one, you can enjoy the promotional prices.

Answear, AliExpress and Allegro offer lots of discount codes, discounts, coupons and... both codes and coupons! You will find absolutely everything on Allegro and that is why Allegro makes no distinction here. Just like that, we collect all attractive codes, coupons, promotions, sales, discounts and offers that are available in a single place at oncecouponatime!

And, now it’s time to use them! We hope you will enjoy the clear layout of our website, where the best offers await thrifty and romantic customers in a creative harmony. Codes, coupons, discounts, promotions and sales along with the latest news in the world of online shopping. They are waiting for you, ready to give you the best savings, whenever you need them.

And most importantly, this is not a fairytale! What starts well with Once Coupon A Time India ends even better.You will write the ending yourself. We recommend casket compositions, where the end is also the beginning. Your first successful shopping experience will make you come back to the source of coupons and will make you happy with the more creative shopping experiences.

How to use discount codes?

Let's say you found a code on Once Coupon A Time India and you want to use it. After adding your items to the shopping cart, you go to payment and find the box that says something like "I have a discount code” and enter your code. Sometimes the box to enter the code appears at a different stage instead of payment, for example, when entering shipping or invoice details. It depends on the store or the platform where you are shopping. The most important thing you must pay attention to is to enter the code before you make the payment.

How to find out if the discount code is applied?

The procedure for redeeming a discount code to the order may vary from store to store. It is a very clear procedure for stores such as Myntra, Nykaa or Ajio. They allow you to enter the code while adding products to your shopping cart and automatically calculates the discount.

Sometimes the code you want to use may not applicable to your order for some reason. In this case, you will usually see a pop-up message explaining why your code doesn’t work. Sometimes it even lets you know about the offer details and conditions required for you to redeem the code.

Unfortunately, not all stores use such a transparent structure for redeeming discount codes and it may turn out that we will not find out about the invalidity of our code until all data, including payment data, are entered. It is also possible that the code will be accepted by the system, but we will not see any discount data. Once Coupon A Time constantly monitors the calculation of discounts in individual stores and reports possible faults, emphasizing how important it is from the customer's point of view that the codes work without any failures.

My discount code doesn’t work, why?

The discount code may not work for several reasons. The most common reason is restrictions and exclusions regarding certain products the maximum number of products you can purchase. Even when a store generates a discount code for each product, there will be additional restrictions. A certain product category may be excluded from the promotion and the code may not be redeemed. Sometimes discount codes cannot be applied on discounted items, for instance.

Unauthorized sale

If you are shopping on an online shopping platform such as AliExpress or Allegro, a discount code dedicated to a given product may not work. Sometimes stores grant discounts only when we purchase goods directly from a company store or from an authorized agent.

Expiry date of the code

Another important issue is the validity of the code. Stores also reserve the right to cancel the promotion before the expiry date. Some codes do not have an expiry date at all and may stop working at any given time.

Did I enter the code correctly?

If the code has not been accepted or an incorrect code error is displayed, we should first make sure that we have entered or copied the code correctly. Most codes are made up of uppercase letters, and some contain both uppercase and lowercase letters. It is equally important to make sure that you have not accidentally copied the code with a space.

Lower limits

In the case of some promotions, the condition for calculating the discount is to purchase a certain number of items or to make purchases above a certain amount. Sometimes the words in the code itself can give you a clue about what the code is for when we are not given any details about the offer.

Let's say you have a code named "20Myntra100". You can infer that the terms and conditions of the promotion are as follows: you will receive a 20% discount on purchases with a minimum value of $100. On Once Coupon A Time we can always check the details of the promotion by developing the description next to the discount code. 

Different types of discounts and what is behind them

As customers, we are always happy to take advantage of discounts and promotions that allow us to pay less for the items we like. However, we may wonder what benefits the stores and brands get by selling at a reduced price? What is the logic behind sales and discounts? It is worth knowing the answers to these questions so that you can avoid marketing traps.

 What do stores gain from promotions and sales?

Stores need sales for several reasons. It is an opportunity to lure new customers and get rid of surplus goods at the same time. In "dead" periods, i.e. periods characterized by a lack of demand, promotions serve to increase the flow of customers and raise the sales figures. Newly opened stores use promotions to attract customers and advertise their offer.

The most popular types of promotions

Now let's take a look at the most common types of discounts used by stores and their individual functions.

Percentage discounts

This is the most common and effective type of discount, which generally appears in stores at the end of the season. Percentage discounts usually cover the assortment of the entire store or a specific category, e.g. jeans, and thus immediately attract the customer's attention. This type of discount has a great potential to increase demand, which makes it the most frequently preferred promotional strategy when a store wants to increase sales or to clear stocks.

Dollar amount discounts

Consumer surveys show that percentage discounts are generally more popular, but in some cases, a specific amount can have a better effect. For example, in the case of a product priced at $50, a 20% discount will be more effective than a $10 discount. On the other hand, if a product with a retail price of $350 is covered by the promotion, a discount of $50 will be better than a 15% discount. In fact, the value of discounts is the same or comparable, and in the second case, the customer saving $50 will pay even $2.5 compared to the savings they would have got from a 15% discount. This simple psychological effect is easy to explain. Trying to estimate the potential profit, our brain involuntarily compares the figures with each other, omitting the issue of fractions.

Buy More Save More Promotions

This type of promotion is most often encountered on the occasion of seasonal sales, when stores decide to air the warehouses. We certainly associate slogans such as "second item for free", "3 for the price of 2" or "buy one get one 50% off". What we should remember in the case of such a promotion is the key condition, which is to calculate all discounts for the cheapest of the selected products.

Promotional products and gifts

Sometimes, for purchases above a certain amount, we may also receive another product as a gift, such as a glove or key ring. The more attractive the gift, the greater the chance that the customer will spend more money. Another variant of the same type of promotion is setting very large discounts on "to pair" products - for example, for purchases above a certain amount a promotional price for socks applies.

Free Shipping

The free shipping option is very popular when shopping online. Some stores advertise days of free delivery, counting on higher sales bars. Another option is to offer free shipping at a certain minimum order value or for a promoted product category, brand etc. Setting a minimum order value as a condition for free shipping often allows stores to generate additional revenue from the sale of complementary products, most often accessories, which help to bridge the gap between the value of the order placed and the value suggested in the promotion.