Let the Countdown to Black Friday 2019 Begin!

Black Friday is around the corner and millions of people all around the world are here for it. Black Friday deals have got much more popular in the last couple of years due to the rapid rise of online shopping. And, this year, you will get to see hundreds of Black Friday deals both in stores and on online shopping platforms.

This year, Black Friday will be on November 29, but you can already see the magic begin! Many stores (like Amazon) usually start off early and let you enjoy the deals for about a week, while others, especially online shopping platforms, wait till midnight to get the deals going.

Black Friday magic is not limited to the US. It is celebrated all around the world on the Friday after Thanksgiving. And, with the recent global attraction, Black Friday has turned into a whole new concept. It used to be a shopping event that lasted only a day and it was mostly celebrated in brick & mortar stores. Nowadays, with online shopping becoming more popular than ever, we can enjoy the Black Friday deals on online shopping platforms as well as traditional stores. We all know what Black Friday is and when it happens, but you might be wondering if there is any difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals.

What is Cyber Monday?

Before online shopping became so popular, Black Friday was a shopping feast that we got to experience in brick & mortar stores. Later on, online stores decided to apply the Black Friday concept to “cyber space”, in other words, online shopping platforms. With this move, the first Cyber Monday was organized in 2005, which is now a yearly tradition that is celebrated on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

The Monday after Thanksgiving is the first day people go back to work. And, one of the reasons why Cyber Monday was introduced in the first place was that people preferred shopping online in their offices, taking advantage of the fast internet connection. Before you wonder what that was about, let us remind you that back in the day when the first Cyber Monday was organized, the internet connection we had in our homes wasn’t as good and fast as it is today. So, having seen that they reached the higher sales on Mondays, online stores declared the Monday after Thanksgiving as Cyber Monday and offered exclusive online deals, in a bid to boost their sales and attract more customers to the world of online shopping. 

  • What is the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

There is a common misconception that Cyber Monday deals are for consumer electronics only. In fact, we can’t really say that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are any different than how we experience them today. However, in the first years of Cyber Monday, the difference was that you could get Black Friday deals in brick & mortar stores and Cyber Monday deals on online stores. A few years ago, however, Cyber Monday sales even overperformed Black Friday. Nowadays, Black Friday is celebrated on online shopping platforms, too. So, practically speaking, there is currently no difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some online shopping platforms can even combine the two so that they can offer their customers more time to enjoy the exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

  • Which is better: Cyber Monday or Black Friday?

It is difficult to declare a winner. We see that each year has its own trends when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What is important to know is that you need to do your research and compare prices before jumping on a deal right away. You should also remember that Cyber Monday deals are not limited to consumer electronics and you can get great deals on all kinds of product categories from clothing to home appliances.

Which stores have Black Friday deals?

With the number of online shoppers constantly increasing and the high potential for digitalization, you can enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in actual stores as well as online shopping platforms.

Just like in 2018, popular online shopping platforms such as Amazon, Target and Best Buy are expected to offer exclusive deals on various categories like fashion, furniture, home appliances etc. Even though we don’t know about the deals and promotions yet, we can assume that special deals are on their way, based on the exclusive promotions and deals we saw last year.

Black Friday Deals on Fashion and Tech Are More Popular 

In the last few years, popular retailers like Target, Walmart and Macy’s offered great Black Friday deals both online and in store. And this year, customers who want to get their wardrobes winter-ready will find special Black Friday deals not only in stores but also on online shopping platforms. Online clothing stores such as ASOS and Shein are also going to take part in the Black Friday celebrations with exclusive deals. 

As November 29 approaches, customers are getting more and more excited about the deals on electronics. eBay, Gearbest and AliExpress are getting ready to offer customers special deals on Apple iPhones, Samsung smartphones, laptops and TVs. We won’t have a clue about the actual deals and prices until November 29, but now that the countdown has started, we urge you to start thinking about what you are going to buy once the deals are released.

It looks like consumer electronics, fashion and personal care are the three most popular categories for Black Friday deals. However, online platforms like Steam are also going to participate in the Black Friday feast. World’s biggest online gaming platform, Steam is going to offer a promotion combining Black Friday and Cyber Monday. During the Autumn Sale, which is going to last about a week, gamers will get great deals on thousands of games. 

Things to Watch Out for During Black Friday

Black Friday is a shopping feast offering great deals, if you can manage to do your research and compare prices of course. Don’t forget that stores and online shopping platforms are very good at using FOMO, fear of missing out, to their own advantage. They use exclusive deals and promotions to induce a feeling of missing out. So, you should try to avoid buying stuff just because you don’t want to miss a promotion. It is also a good idea to start researching products and comparing prices before Black Friday deals start. Some stores create the illusion of a deal and encourage you to buy a certain product, even though the price is no different than a week before. Yes, don’t miss out on affordable shopping, but don’t forget to be sensible when you are shopping.